GitHub Continues to Grow in 2017

GitHub has been around nearly 10 years, and they recently completed their annual look at the State of the Octoverse. Use of GitHub has grown to 24 million developers across 200 countries. 6.7 million new developers joined GitHub in the last year. GitHub is now comprised of over 67 million repositories, 25.3 million of which […]

GitHub Releases New “Topics” Feature

GitHub added a new feature, Topics, which allows repo admins to tag their repositories. Topics can be things such as the purpose, language, platform, subject area, or anything else that you think might be useful as a classification. Topics appear right below the repo’s description on the repository’s main page. Topics allow users to more […]

Top 10 GitHub Project Releases

One way to measure the popularity of GitHub projects is to look at their star count. After the recent successful launch of the JavaScript dependency manager Yarn, GitHub compiled some statistics on the projects which received the most stars in their first week. Since 2015, the following are the most successful open source project launches […]

GitHub Adds New Code Review Features

GitHub recently announced some useful code review related features, designed to make the code review process faster and more flexible for development teams. Search Pull Requests You can now search through the changed files list of pull requests. This allows you to perform searches for a specific file or for files with a particular extension. […]