.NET Conf 2019 Videos

.NET Conf is a free virtual conference that is held every year for everyone interested in .NET development. .NET Conf 2019 recently concluded, and the three day event was live streamed on www.dotnetconf.net. It was co-organized by Microsoft and the .NET community.

There were sessions on a variety of topics, such as .NET Core, C#, Visual Studio, Azure, Blazor, Entity Framework, ML.NET, Xamarin, and more. Videos of the sessions have been made available, so you can catch up on sessions you may have missed or simply want to watch again. The following is a full list of videos, along with their links.

.NET Conf 2019 Keynote
Welcome to .NET Conf 2019
What’s new in C# 8 – Part 1
What’s new in C# 8 – Part 2
Modernizing .NET Desktop Applications with .NET Core
Get Started with DevOps for .NET Windows Desktop Apps and Visual Studio App Center
Building Full-stack C# Web Apps with Blazor in .NET Core 3.0
Xamarin.Forms: More Productive and Beautiful Than Ever
Building Cloud Native Apps with .NET Core 3.0 and Kubernetes
What’s New in SignalR with .NET Core 3.0?
Increase your .NET Productivity with Visual Studio 2019
Entity Framework Core 3.0 and beyond
Tips and Tricks for .NET Debugging in Visual Studio
What’s new in ML.NET?
.NET Community Roundup
Visual Studio for Mac Reborn: New Editors and New Experiences
The Future of Blazor on the Client
Blazor and Azure Functions for Serverless Websites
DevOps for the .NET Developer
Bringing Big Data Analytics through Apache Spark to .NET
Durable Functions 2.0 – Serverless Actors, Orchestrations, and Stateful Functions
Beyond Copy + Paste : Creating Interactive Documentation
What’s new with F#
Tips and Tricks on Moving to .NET Core
Azure App Configuration – Making Centralized Configuration Easy
Azure Services Every .NET Developer Needs to Know
Diagnostics Improvements in .NET Core 3.0
Awesome games with .NET, Visual Studio 2019 and Unity 2019
Build Amazing Cloud Connected Apps With Xamarin, Azure, and App Center
Tour what’s new for XAML tools & Xaml Islands in Visual Studio 2019
Secure your NuGet package eco-system

Even though this year’s .NET Conf is over, a variety of .NET Conf local events are taking place around the world between now and the end of October. Check out the full list of events and attend one in person!