PowerShell Replaces Command Prompt in Latest Windows 10 Insider Build

The future direction that Microsoft is taking with the Windows Command Prompt and PowerShell became evident in the latest Windows 10 insider build (14971). PowerShell is now the command shell from File Explorer, replacing the Command Prompt (cmd.exe). When users click the “WIN + X” menu, right-click the Start button, select off the “File” menu in File Explorer, or view the context menu that appears when right-clicking whitespace in File Explorer, they will see PowerShell instead of Command Prompt.

In addition, typing “cmd” in the Run Dialog now brings up PowerShell rather than Command Prompt.

For those of you who prefer to still use the Command Prompt, you can change this new behavior by opening “Settings > Personalization > Taskbar” and turning the new “Replace Command Prompt with Windows PowerShell in the menu when I right-click the Start button or press Windows key + X” setting to off.

PowerShell recently reached 10 years in production, and with the advanced functionality that it provides, we can expect Microsoft to continue making PowerShell, not the Command Prompt, the main command shell of Windows.