Microsoft Unveils New TypeScript Website

Microsoft released a new TypeScript website today. I think the new version of the website has a much cleaner look. It contains comprehensive and up to date documentation, which is written in markdown. It’s all located in the TypeScript Handbook repo on GitHub, and any community member can make edits to the documentation.

On a Microsoft blog post, the following was mentioned as new documentation changes:

  • Modules and namespaces have received a full rewrite based on feedback from users about usage, compiling, and best practices.
  • String literals, this types, type assertions, enums, for..of loops, union types, decorators, triple-slash references, and intersection types now have their own sections detailing their usage.
  • A What’s New section has been added to reflect the wiki and highlight feature sets by version number.

On the site there are a variety of convenient download links to get TypeScript:


Another exciting part of the new site is that there will be a variety of new quick start guides which will show users how to make the switch from JavaScript to TypeScript given certain workflows and the use of particular frameworks and tools. For example, the first couple of guides, which are not on the site yet but are already in progress on GitHub, include one for React + Webpack + TypeScript and one for Knockout + TypeScript.

Using TypeScript provides some distinct advantages, and with its adoption in major frameworks such as Angular 2 and Ionic, it’s a great time to start learning and using it.


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