GitHub Adds New Code Review Features

GitHub recently announced some useful code review related features, designed to make the code review process faster and more flexible for development teams.

Search Pull Requests
You can now search through the changed files list of pull requests. This allows you to perform searches for a specific file or for files with a particular extension. This can be particularly useful when multiple people with different areas of expertise are involved with a code review. For example, a DBA could search for files with .sql/.dll/.dml extensions while a C# developer looks for .cs files to review.

Commits List in the Review Bar
It’s common to review all changes in a pull request at once, but some teams might prefer to review each commit on its own. The commits list lets you easily see all the different commits and allows for the selection of a particular commit. There’s pagination and keyboard shortcuts (use ? when viewing a pull request to see the available keyboard shortcuts) as well to facilitate going through the various commits.

Comments with More Context
I’ve seen many interesting and useful conversations that result from code reviews. GitHub has improved viewing this text by ensuring that comments and related diffs are available, even when they are outdated by subsequent changes. Keeping this history provides context and can give developers a deeper understanding of past changes and the thought process behind them.

Viewing Just New Changes
Sometimes when coming back to a review, you might be interested in just seeing the changes that have occurred since you last reviewed a pull request. GitHub has made it easier to pick up where you left off with a new timeline indicator, allowing you to review just what has changed since the last time you looked at it.

I think development teams will enjoy the new code review features that GitHub has introduced, and I look forward to trying them out further.


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