Deleting Your Entire Production Database by Accident

Most of us have made a mistake that has required the use of a backup. When that mistake affects a production environment, it makes it that much worse.


And when that mistake is accidentally deleting your entire production database, it has to be one of the worst nightmares a DBA or developer can have. It happened to startup Gliffy a couple of days ago, and they are still in the process of recovering. Gliffy makes a web app that allows clients to easily create and share diagrams.

During scheduled maintenance to resolve an issue with one of their backups, an administrator accidentally deleted their production database. Gliffy is currently restoring the data from a backup, but the process has been slow due to the large amount of data. All of the diagrams are stored in the cloud. Until their restoration is complete, users won’t have access to their diagrams.

For people who need to do work while they’re waiting, there is a Chrome app that lets you work on diagrams offline, and once the site is back up you can upload them.

Their support site, which had been providing updates, is currently inaccessible. Gliffy has also been using its Twitter account to communicate though, so if you are interested you can check there for the latest updates. The good news is that they have been working hard to restore service, and it’s only a matter of time before they are up and running again.


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