Visual Studio Productivity Power Tools Open Sourced

Productivity Power Tools is an extension pack for Visual Studio that provides many useful tools to increase developer productivity. The most useful features typically end up as standard features in a future version of Visual Studio (i.e. Quick Find, Enhanced Scrollbar, and Automatic Brace Completion, among others, were originally extensions in Productivity Power Tools). It was most recently updated to work with Visual Studio 2015, and now Microsoft has open sourced it. You can see the repo on GitHub here.


Productivity Power Tools comes with a long list of extensions, but not all of them have been open sourced yet. Here is the list of extensions that are already in the repo:

  • Align Assignments
  • Copy As HTML
  • Fix Mixed Tabs
  • Ctrl+Click Go to Definition
  • Match Margin
  • Middle Click Scroll
  • Peek F1
  • Structure Visualizer
  • Syntactic Line Compression
  • Timestamp margin

The Microsoft Productivity Power Tools team is working on open sourcing more extensions in the future, as well as introducing new features. Although that work is not open for contributions, if you are interested in contributing you can make quality and infrastructure improvements. This includes things like:

  • Increasing test coverage
  • Fixing stability issues (as reported by Visual Studio crash telemetry)
  • Fixing user reported bugs
  • Simplifying the development process – enable working on extensions when the official PPT build is installed
  • All submissions will go through a standard review process, and are expected to adhere to quality and design expectations.

If you use Productivity Power Tools and would like to share your opinion, you can take part in this online survey.


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